ISSA iTalks Presentations at ISSA Show North America 2022

ISSA experts and industry thought leaders turned up to speak at the ISSA’s iTalks, 30-minute Ted Talk style sessions at ISSA Show North America 2022 to discuss important topics affecting you and our industry.

Relive the experience and download the presentations. Enjoy!

Presentation: All About the Distributor Program
Speaker: Brant Insero, ISSA

Whether you are looking for new customers or you’d like to develop a stronger customer lifetime value while providing critical services that they need today, the ISSA Distributor Partner Program is your path forward. 

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Presentation: Common Freight Mistakes That Are Costing You Money & How to Fix Them
Speaker: JT McDonald, PartnerShip

JT McDonald, Marketing Program Manager for PartnerShip discussed the current state of the freight industry, common mistakes people are making that are costing money on freight shipments, and how to correct these issues and ship smarter. For more information on exclusive freight discounts for ISSA members visit

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Presentation: GBAC Accreditation – an overview in Spanish
Speaker: Melissa Martinez, ISSA

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a Division of ISSA,helps organizations and businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from biological threats, and biohazard situations and real-time crises. This quick Spanish language session focused on the benefits of accreditation and the process involved to get accredited.

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Presentation: Health Insurance for Smarties–What the health is going on?
Speaker: Jonathan Rivera, Bullock & Associates

Health insurance is crazy confusing, and some would say that’s by design! Jonathan Rivera of Bullock & Associates ‘pulled back the curtain and showed you how the “sausage is made.” For more information on ISSA’s HR Solutions discount program click here

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Presentation: Introducing the GBAC Trusted Advisor Program
Speakers: Patty Olinger, GBAC and Steve Arehart, GBAC

We brought the leaders of GBAC together to introduce ISSA’s newest program: GBAC® STAR Trusted Advisors. GBAC® STAR Trusted Advisors serve as valuable connectors between the GBAC organization and the outside facilities that want or need assistance obtaining the accreditation. Patty Olinger, Executive Director of GBAC, and Steve Arehart, Senior Director of Operations at GBAC discussed how becoming a GBAC Trusted Advisor can connect you to industry leaders committed to cleaning for health AND elevate your bottom line.

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Presentation: Residential Cleaning Awards Ceremony
Speakers: Debbie Sardone, Cleaning for a Reason and Jeannie Henderson, ARCSI

Cleaning for a Reason and ARCSI presented the annual 2022 Residential Cleaning Awards. Winners were announced for the Professional Image Awards, recognizing the winners of the PerfectCLEAN Professional Cleaner of the Year and the Chairman’s Award. 

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Presentation: Residential Cleaning Certifications: Ask the Expert
Speakers: Tom Stewart, Castle Keepers House Cleaning, Bruce Vance, Town and Country Cleaning and Liz Trotter, American Maid Cleaning

Certifications are powerful tools you can use to illustrate the level of skill, expertise and knowledge comprised by your team. ARCSI has two certifications for residential cleaning companies:

  • Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Certification
  • IICRC House Cleaning Technician (HCT) Certification

Experts shared answers to some tough cleaning questions and elaborated on the certifications.

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Presentation: Rethink What Clean Means
Speakers: Jon Adkins, ISSA and Allison Fitch-Markham, ISSA

Cleanliness matters more than ever before for businesses. This informative session provided information about ISSA’s new Rethink Clean initiative: a first-of-its-kind industry-wide campaign created to educate customers on what makes a space truly “clean” and explain why cleaning to the highest standard matters.

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Watch Howie Mandle’s video here.

Presentation: Tip the Scales in your Favor with Fully Automated Messaging and Payments for Your Cleaning Company
Speakers: Justin Clegg, Allset, Joel Robbins, Allset and Hunter Woods, Allset

One of ISSA’s newest benefits is Allset, a customer communication and payments platform for home service businesses. Allset helps cleaning businesses unlock revenue through simplifying payments, automating tips, reviews, and referrals – all via text message. That’s right – get more tips for your cleaning team and simplify the payments process. Find out more about Allset and the special discounts available to members. 

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Presentation: Why Advocacy Matters for the Cleaning Industry
Speakers: John Nothdurft, ISSA and Tricia Holderman, Elite Facility Systems

The spotlight on the cleaning industry has increased since the pandemic, including the visibility of and interest from lawmakers and regulators. Now more than ever, ISSA’s government affairs team is “at the table,” helping to shape the biggest issues impacting the industry. This presentation provided the “inside scoop” about what’s going on in Washington, DC and across the states regarding the top public-policy issues facing your business and the industry and how you can make your voice heard as an ISSA Advocate for Clean.

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