ISSA Custodial Training Videos & DVDs

Custodial Training Videos from ISSA!

ISSA is pleased to announce the availability of eight custodial training DVDs. Visit Shop ISSA to order your copies today!

Carpet Care Training Videos

Carpet Care 

Spanish: Cuidado de Alfombras 

This instructional DVD outlines the processes and procedures for carpet care. It covers the four cornerstones of carpet maintenance; Preventative, Daily, Interim, and Restorative and the required procedures, tools, and equipment needed for each of these processes.  

General Office Cleaning Training Videos

General Office Cleaning 

Spanish: Limpieza General de Oficinas 

This instructional DVD focuses on the theory and practice of general office cleaning with specific techniques to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. Learn how to pick the right tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions for the job at hand, and multi-step cleaning processes for specific areas.  

Preventative Maintenance Training Videos

Preventative Maintenance

Spanish: Mantenimiento Preventivo 

This instructional DVD will address methods needed to properly maintain frequently used equipment such as auto scrubbers, battery-powered equipment, and the four systems within carpet extractors in addition to other highly used equipment. Routine maintenance is the key to lowering the total cost of ownership for any mechanical device. This DVD leads you through the elements of a strong preventative maintenance program. 

Safety for Custodians Training Videos

Safety For Custodians

Spanish: Seguridad para los Conserjes 

This instructional DVD will outline the theory and practices of safety in the workplace for custodial professionals. Ensure the safety of your employees and facility occupants and get your organization compliant with OSHA regulations. Please view ISSA’s Professional Development Center to learn more about our OSHA compliant training kit.

Daily Restroom Cleaning Training Videos

Daily Restroom Cleaning

Spanish: Limpieza Diaria de Sanitarios

This instructional DVD teaches you a step by step process for cleaning restrooms. Cleaning begins in the supply closet where you gather all the tools and equipment needed for the job. You will learn why it’s important to use a color code system for cleaning as well as the various surfaces in a restroom most often overlooked. This program will show you how to make a professional showcase of the men’s and women’s restrooms in your care.

Restroom Deep Cleaning and Restoration Training Videos

Restroom Deep Cleaning and Restoration

Spanish: Limpieza Profunda Y Restaurración de Sanitarios

This instructional DVD will help you better understand the theory and practice of deep cleaning in restrooms. We focus our attention on the floors and baseboards which is where most of the buildup occurs requiring an intensive cleaning for proper restoration. We will review a 6-step approach and outline the tools and equipment needed for traditional and automated restoration.

Hard Floor Maintenance Training Videos

Daily Hard Floor Maintenance

Spanish: Mantenimiento Diario de Pisos Duros

This instructional DVD outlines the process and procedures for daily hard floor care maintenance including dust mopping, damp and wet mopping and using an automatic scrubber to clean a floor. The DVD will also cover proper techniques to burnish your floors to obtain a high gloss look. You will learn to select the proper tools and equipment, the importance of performing each task thoroughly and in the proper sequence and the do’s and do not’s of daily hard floor maintenance.

Hard Floor Scrubbing, Stripping and Finishing Training Videos

Hard Floor Scrubbing, Stripping and Finishing

Spanish: Restauración y Aplicación de Acabado de Pisos Duro

This instructional DVD outlines the proper process and procedures to strip and refinish your floors. It also covers traditional scrub and recoat procedures and outline the tools and equipment needed to perform the job properly and safely. You will learn easy to follow tips that will reduce the amount of time it takes to perform this task resulting in greater productivity.