Accredited Auditing Professional Certification

How to implement a successful quality assurance program across your organisation

Continuous improvement requires ongoing evaluation, which is exactly where cleaning inspections come into play. Whether you are a cleaning services provider or an in-house operation, cleaning inspections are a fundamental tool for evaluating services and communicating with customers/stakeholders. The ISSA Accredited Auditing Professional one-day course is designed for those industry professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills around quality assurance and building audits and provide their customers with the level of cleaning they deserve. Through this course, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to implement the key elements of a successful quality assurance program across different customers and sites. The course will also include a live inspection with the use of a quality assurance software.

What you will learn

  • Master the key concepts of auditing
  • Develop technical skills needed to perform an audit
  • Understand the key responsibilities from a provider and a customer perspective
  • Implement successful and consistent communication plans
  • Identify the root cause of quality assurance incidents and provide solutions
  • Improve reporting skills and learn to apply technology
  • Increase level of customers’ satisfaction whilst improving efficiency

Who should attend

The course is of interest to cleaning services providers and in-house service providers who want to improve their quality assurance programs and enhance customers’ satisfaction as well as facility managers who are keen to learn how to better audit their cleaning providers against international standards.

Why is AAP certification important?

AAP will hold quality assurance professionals to a higher standard, adding audits and documentation to the operation. For the first time, professionals will have a certification recognising their new standard and career path.

Additional Features and Benefits 

  • Understand where deficiencies come from and how to create solutions
  • Reduce your operating expenses whilst increasing employee efficiency
  • Provide added value and peace of mind to your clients because their facility is hitting a new level of cleanliness

Do you want to learn more? Are you looking for an in-house or bespoke training solution? 

Please contact us and our pool of experts will work with you to ensure the training program meets the specific needs of your organisation.

Administration: Alexandra Adams, ISSA Programme Development Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 6131 6367824