The Indoor Environmental Healthcare and Hospitality Association (IEHA), a division of ISSA, focuses on the healthcare, hospitality and other environmental services sectors of the cleaning industry. IEHA provides members with an array of channels through which they can achieve personal and professional growth.

ISSA and IEHA have a long-standing relationship of cooperation and sharing. NEHA (named at the time) held its first conference and convention in conjunction with ISSA Show in 1999. NEHA became the International Executive Housekeepers Association with the creation of the Aruba Chapter in 2000.

As it reads in the ISSA Vision Statement, “ISSA will be the leading resource for information, education, networking, and commercial opportunities as well as the leading voice in government and the community for firms within the cleaning industry worldwide.” Bringing IEHA into the family helps ISSA take that vision to a new level.

The board, staff, and members of IEHA bring much to the table in how they represent the cleaning industry:

  • Professional. The training, skills, and ethical standards stakeholders expect.
  • Trusted. Stakeholders can be confident when putting one of their most valuable assets in the hands of members.
  • Experienced. Years of training, know-how, hard work, and competence translated into expertise.

IEHA is a 1,300-plus member professional association founded in 1930 and merged with ISSA in 2017. Our members manage environmental service programs in the healthcare, hospitality and other environmental services sectors. They direct staff, ranging from a few to several hundred people and handle budgets from thousands of dollars to millions. IEHA provides networking opportunities, education, certification, conferences and industry news.

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