Fundamentals of CIMS

Are you an integrated facilities manager or a cleaning services provider looking to differentiate your organisation and future proof your business?

Learn about the fundamentals of the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS). Demonstrate your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, improve your overall organisation and save money.

The one-day course introduces the knowledge and expertise required for the global CIMS framework; endorsing the procedures and processes along with management best practices. The course will address the six areas of CIMS including Quality Systems; Service Delivery; Human Resources; Health, Safety and Environment; Management Principles; and Green Cleaning practices.

The course will cover

  • Challenges in the cleaning industry
  • The CIMS framework
  • How to integrate the Standard in your organisation
  • How to implement a green cleaning program

Who should attend

Cleaning services providers both in the commercial cleaning sector and in-house cleaning departments. Manufacturers and distributors who wish to support their customers on the CIMS Journey. Facility managers and procurement teams are provided with a powerful tool to deliver clear and efficient due diligence in the procurement process.

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