ISSA believes that America needs a strong and robust immigration system that protects the safety of America, and which also promotes our nation’s economic growth.

ISSA members representing the entire supply chain of the cleaning industry are struggling to fill their vacant job positions in part due to the tight labor market and lack of immigration reform. Without necessary reforms our members cannot fulfill the needs of their customers.

Therefore, ISSA urges Congress and the administration to include the following reforms when the subject of immigration is addressed in Washington, DC:

  • Reform should create an immigration system that allows for sufficient immigrants and temporary workers to meet the economic needs of the country, without compromising our nation’s security.
  • Reform should create a fair employment eligibility verification system that functions efficiently, effectively, and inexpensively for employers, workers, and government agencies. Any mandate to use e-Verify or another workforce verification system must be phased in a way that does not cause massive workforce disruption.
  • Reform should strengthen homeland security by providing for the screening of foreign workers and creating a disincentive for illegal immigration.
  • Reform should create a non-seasonal temporary worker program that allows an employer to hire foreign workers when efforts to recruit America workers are unsuccessful. The number of visas available under a new temporary worker program should be based on economic need, rather than an arbitrary cap. Implementing a functional temporary worker program will strengthen border security and improve American productivity.

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