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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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DPD: Distributor Performance Dashboards


The 2018 DPD participation window is now open. Upload your DPD survey by the August 31 deadline to gain access to updated benchmarking data in September. Get started today!

What is DPD?

ISSA’s Distributor Performance Dashboards (DPD), powered by CoMetrics, is an online benchmarking program designed to help ISSA-member distributors become stronger and more profitable. DPD provides operating and profitability metrics that allow companies to identify competitive advantages, clearly understand opportunities for improvement, and inform better business decisions with data.  

After completing a survey that takes about one hour, participating members gain access to a confidential suite of dashboards that help them compare their performance to the median results and to top performers across critical performance ratios.

Why use DPD?

DPD provides valuable insight into the financial and operational health of your distribution business. You can track your data year over year to see trends—and the data you upload persists in the DPD website over time. DPD’s data presentation allows you to identify opportunities easily, plus it enables detailed analysis to compare your firm to companies with similar sales volumes and to peers within your buying group, if applicable.

How much does it cost?

While some analytics and benchmarking tools can be cost-prohibitive for independent businesses, ISSA-member distributors have free access to DPD in exchange for your participation.

Is my data confidential and secure?  

Yes—ISSA is committed to keeping your data secure and confidential. The DPD powered by CoMetrics website employs the latest encryption technology along with an anonymous naming system to create fictitious names that mask company identities. Fictitious names change each night to ensure confidentiality. The only real company name you see is yours; all others are masked. Plus, ISSA staff does not have access to your data and may only report DPD user data in the aggregate.

How do I get started?

The 2018 participation window is now open, and ISSA distributor members received their DPD website credentials and 2018 survey links via email the week of June 4, 2018. To request your credentials or learn more about DPD, please contact Jon Adkins at or complete the request form below.

The 2018 participation deadline is August 31, 2018. Upload your DPD surveys today to ensure you gain access to this critical benchmarking data, which will be released on the DPD website September 17.