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ISSA Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation.

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YES Professional Development Program

YES Professional Development Program, June 6-7, 2017,
Chicago IL

The ISSA Young Executive Society Professional Development Program presents interactive, engaging sessions developed by Dale Carnegie Training™.

This two-day program leads attendees through key learnings that can help them be well-rounded, confident professionals, able to contribute at a higher level to their organizations. PLUS attendees can join us for a special networking event on June 6th to watch the reigning World Series Champion Chicago Cubs! Sponsored by IH Services Incorporated, this event is your chance to relax, unwind, and connect with all of your fellow YES members while enjoying America's favorite pastime.

Register Online Now or if you'd like to sign up to be a YES member while you register, contact Christa Perez.

Workshop Agenda

Registration Fees:
YES Member: $525 for the first attendee from a company and $425 for each additional attendee
ISSA Member: $775
Non-Member: $1,125
After May 5, all registration fees increase by $50.

ISSA Headquarters
3300 Dundee Road,
Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Hotel Information:
Hyatt Regency Deerfield
1750 Lake Cook Rd
Deerfield, IL 60015

Please contact Christa Perez at 800-225-4772 or email

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Workshop Module Descriptions:

Module 1 - Foundation for Success
Learning Objectives

  1. Understand and apply the cycle for growth and change
  2. Develop a motivating personal vision as a professional
  3. Create professional connections that enhance success

Individual and organizational success does not happen by chance. It happens intentionally. By defining the kind of person you want to be and intentionally working toward that goal, you become more effective in both the workplace and your personal life. In this session, we establish a foundation for your professional and personal growth and achievement. You will create a personal vision that helps expand your comfort zones and enables you to welcome new challenges.

Module 2 - Interpersonal Competence: Connect with Others
Learning Objectives

  1. Change our approach to gain different results
  2. Apply principles for building trust and rapport in relationships
  3. Identify opportunities to improve business relationships

Trust is the foundation of all successful professional relationships. When you trust your colleagues, you have rapport, you are more productive, and you experience a greater degree of job satisfaction. Most of you work in settings with high expectations and require you do more, better, faster, with less. The best way to meet those challenges is by creating strong teams, supportive relationships, and a cooperative work environment. In this session, you will explore the impact on your professional development when you apply Dale Carnegie’s principles for building trust and rapport. These nine principles form the basis for establishing respectful and understanding professional relationships.

Module 3 - Communicate with Different Personality Styles
Learning Objectives

  1. Identify your own personality style and how you react under pressure
  2. Modify your behaviors to be able to connect with people of different styles
  3. Influence attitudes and behaviors of others

Many behavioral psychologists have researched the theory that people's behavior can be roughly classified into four groups, represented as quadrants. Each quadrant represents the behavioral styles of people in that group. No one is purely one style, and no style is better or worse than another. Each tendency has strengths and weaknesses. By recognizing our dominant style and developing the ability to identify traits in others, we can change our behaviors to interact with a wide variety of personalities and tendencies.

Module 4 - Stress Reduction through New Work Habits
Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize work habits that add to stress
  2. Commit to principles that result in more productive work habits
  3. Plan to change and improve work routines

Anyone can fall into unproductive work habits over time. You drift into routines that are inefficient, become less and less organized, or experience deterioration in your work attitudes. Over time, you become comfortable with these work habits, and it can be difficult to break those established patterns. In this session, you will examine ways that your work habits add to your level of stress and identify ways you can reduce worry and stress by changing your work habits.

ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS)This session qualifies for continuing professional education credits toward CIMS "ISSA Certification Expert" (I.C.E.) recertification. Offer a value-added service to your organization or customers.