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Improve the Quality of Your Sales Calls

Presenter: Joe Ellers

Channels: BSC Focus, Educational Quick Clips, Sales & Marketing

How important are sales to your business?  Do you know what your sales people do on their sales calls?  In this ISSA Educational Quick Clip, learn not only why it is important to go on sales calls with your sales people, but also what the proper role of a manager is during and after these joint sales calls.  The small, incremental improvements you can make will pay dividends over time.

About the Presenter
For more than 25 years, Joe Ellers has worked with more than 1000 companies worldwide specializing in business-to-business selling and multi-line selling environments. He also has provided specialized consulting and training for the members of numerous distribution associations. He is the author of The Best Distribution Sales Book Ever, published by the NAW, as well as numerous sales training programs.