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Ecoform & ISSA Move Closer to Environmental Label

March 5, 2010 — “With the recent development of several key metrics, we have made significant progress in the development of an information-based environmental label (IBEL) in just a few short months,” says Jack Geibig, president of Ecoform, who is leading the development of IBEL.

ISSA and Ecoform are collaborating for the purposes of developing IBEL, the next generation of environmental labeling systems for the commercial cleaning industry. IBEL will complement existing eco-label programs, such as those for chemical cleaners, and will also provide a uniform platform for communicating the environmental attributes for the hundreds of product categories for which eco-label programs do not exist.

As of February 24th, metrics have been developed for the following environmental attributes of chemical cleaners:


  • Fragrances
  • Color and dyes
  • Combustibility
  • Post-consumer packaging content
  • Recyclable packaging content
  • Bio-based material content


The individual metrics are being developed through the use of a work-group process, the results of which are then reviewed and vetted by the Core Development Committee. To date, the work group has considered seven different metrics, modified the list of future metrics to consider, and established a productive format in which to present information related to future metrics.

In addition, Ecoform recently launched a Web page on its Web site that is dedicated to the IBEL development process. The IBEL development page contains a calendar of upcoming calls with specific topic details; an archive of information developed during the IBEL process, including summaries of work group and Core Development Committee calls; an area dedicated to recent IBEL activities; and a bulletin board for discussing metrics or asking questions. This Web page is open to anyone and will be updated frequently now that IBEL development is moving rapidly forward. The Web page can be accessed at:

Ecoform and ISSA announced their intent to develop IBEL at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2009. Jack Geibig, President of Ecoform, is leading the development process in cooperation with a Core Development Committee that is comprised of key stakeholders, including health and environmental advocates, unions, state and federal government representatives, eco-label organizations, large and small cleaning product manufacturers, contract cleaners, and institutional purchasers.

About Ecoform
Ecoform is the leading technical analysis company in the United States that focuses on the environmental performance of companies and their products and processes. Founded in 2006, but based on the combined 50-year history of its practitioners working through a variety of corporate and university organizations such as The University of Tennessee's Center for Clean Products, the team brings a unique mix of skills to help your company achieve corporate environmental and social responsibility. Ecoform takes pride in its ability to work confidentially with leading corporations across multiple industry sectors to provide critical information that can be used to shape corporate policy. For more information, visit

For more information, contact ISSA Director of Legislative Affairs Bill Balek or Jack Geibig at

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