Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation programs protect workers who are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease. With the exception of a few national programs administered by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, workers’ compensation has evolved as a state-based decentralized program. Between 1911 and 1948, every state developed some form of workers’ compensation program. Each state regulates its own workers’ compensation program and is unique and varied in its coverage and in the benefits offered to workers.

Due to skyrocketing costs many states have begun looking at reforming their workers’ compensation programs. ISSA supports workers’ compensation reforms that protect workers but also keep costs low for employers by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.

To learn more about federal-level workers’ compensation contact the Workers’ compensation programs. To inquire about workers’ compensation at the state level, get in touch with your state workers’ compensation board.