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New Study Reveals Germ-Ridden Elevator Buttons

October 1, 2010 — A typical elevator button could be thriving with harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria, claims an intriguing new study, according to

According to researchers, though toilet seats are considered filthy because they are crawling with millions of disease causing germs, the innocuous lift button touched by many people every day harbors nearly 40 times more bacteria, reports the article.

Details of the study
Researchers from the University of Arizona carried out a study on behalf of Mircoban Europe, which manufactures antibacterial protection products. Public spots like restaurants, offices, hotels, and airport were selected, according to

Revelations of the study
The investigators found only eight “colony forming units” on every square centimeter of the public toilet seat. However, an alarming 313 units of bacteria were found on an equivalent surface area of the elevator button, reports the article.

According to the researchers, the lift buttons could be active carriers of the common bacteria E-coli, Staph-aureus, and MRSA, reports

A separate study that had compared the toilet seat with a typical office desk and computer key boards found that the former carried nearly 400 times more bacteria while the latter had four times more germs, reports the article.

Good hygiene recommended
The way to combat the war against germs is to adopt healthy and clean measures. Simple washing works wonders as do hand sanitizers in a public place, according to

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