Looking Back, Looking Forward

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By Mikel Gabrielson | November 16, 2020 << Back to Articles Looking Back, Looking Forward

If everything went according to our initial blueprint for the year, we would have wrapped up the best ISSA Show North America in history last month in Chicago, celebrating this great industry we are so fortunate to be a part of with old friends and new. If there is one thing we have learned from this tumultuous year it is that not all things go to plan. The revised strategy is to embrace the first ever ISSA Show Virtual Experience. This year’s edition offers a phenomenally unique way to get connected with industry professionals as we prepare for a new year and new challenges ahead.

Though the original strategy for 2020 has been revised numerous times, and many pivots have taken place, the body of work that your association has accomplished these past few months been quite remarkable. With cleaning being deemed as an essential industry, our mission to change the way the world views cleaning has made great strides over the past year. By being a beacon in these uncertain times, ISSA has played a significant role in helping navigate through the most impactful global crisis in our lifetimes. By providing education frontline workers and safety accreditations for a variety of iconic facilities across the globe, the Global Biorisk Advisory Council™ (GBAC), a division of ISSA, has empowered more than 15,000 people in over 100 countries and helped thousands of facilities prepare for, respond to, and recover from biorisk situations.

Other bright spots for 2020 include our tireless advocacy and government relations initiatives, an increase of engagement from industry professionals, and more than 1,400 new ISSA members. The voice of the industry was heard and will continue to grow louder with our growing advocacy efforts. More members than ever before are engaged with the resources and tools to advance clean and drive innovation. New members, across all regions, joined our existing loyal members to continue our mission to spread the gospel of cleaning.

As we put 2020 in the rearview mirror, we look forward to what 2021 will bring. We eagerly anticipate continuing to bring the industry together and allow opportunities for like minded professionals to connect and learn from each other. I am confident we will be back together soon, on a show floor, networking with other cleaning industry professionals. But for now, the ISSA Show Virtual Experience is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies and reconnect with old friends. Continue to support this great industry and elevate your business with ISSA and the membership opportunities that come along with it. We remain forever committed to our members and look forward to launching a new member structure that will deliver even more value for your ISSA membership. All details for these new member benefits will be released in January 2021.

With the first ever ISSA Show Virtual Experience this week, take the time to register and get engaged. Embrace the opportunities this one-of-a-kind show can deliver. We remain committed to providing the tools and resources to help our members thrive. Continuous improvement is the goal, and we look to our members to guide us in this mission. I urge you all to get involved, invest in your business, and renew both your membership and your commitment to this fantastic industry that has been so good to so many people.

Everyone within ISSA is so grateful for the support and leadership our members have displayed over the past year and we look forward to building one of the strongest industry associations on the planet. With patience and optimism, I look forward to the future. Thank you for letting us serve you as your industry association. Please connect with me and together we can continue to change the world views cleaning.

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Mikel Gabrielson is ISSA's Director of Membership and Outreach. He can be reached at 847-982-3477 or [email protected]