You Need ARCSI in Your Community

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By Erin L. Lasch, CAE | February 15, 2021 << Back to Articles You Need ARCSI in Your Community

We all know that last year was challenging in more ways than one. Each of us did different things to survive. But I have found that many of us were able to rely on our community for some much-needed support. Even though the communication was likely on Zoom or Facetime, it was still good to talk, laugh, or cry with those facing similar challenges.

Your community goes beyond your neighbors. Your community includes the people you trust and value for support through the good times and the bad. We have seen our members—residential cleaning company owners—form incredible bonds with their counterparts across the country, across the world, and even right down the street.

At the ISSA Show North America Virtual Experience 2020, our panel shared thoughts on many things—one of which was where they looked for support during the pandemic.

Elena Ledoux, owner of Superb Maids, said, “What has happened in the cleaning industry that is amazing is we started signing onto Zoom together. We were in our pajamas and crying. But the wonderful thing is that the emotional support carried us through. We talked about what was working and what wasn’t. Peer support is very important. Outside of the industry, people were devastated. They went into hiding. In the residential cleaning industry, we are survivors. We supported each other and it felt terrific. It helped me to keep a positive mindset and not lose my head.”

Also, on the panel was RJ Patel, owner of Prestigious Cleaning Team (PCT) and a long-time member of ARCSI. He encouraged cleaning business owners to rely on the resources provided by their membership with ARCSI. RJ and Asha Patel formed a new business venture with another cleaning company owner that they met through ARCSI.

“Having someone in my network like Gosia [Baran, owner of Helping Hands Cleaning Services], someone I have known for 12 years through ARCSI, made things so much easier. Everything that we have faced through this pandemic is completely new, so we had to learn. We were able to depend on ISSA, ARCSI, and GBAC to learn,” Patel said.

Dan Smith, owner of Home Maid Better, also encouraged other members to rely on their community as they faced the pandemic’s many challenges. “Engage yourself deep in your community. One of the most beautiful things about our industry is the existence of a community in which we enjoy helping each other and seeing others succeed. I find great value in connecting with my community and other business owners who are all facing the same situation, but all come from different backgrounds and experiences. The collective value of that community far exceeded anything I could have navigated through on my own.”

Time and again, members tell me the most valuable part of their membership with ARCSI is the networking, the sharing, and the community. As you continue to work on your business during this crisis, please take time to reach out and plug into the ARCSI community. As Patel recently said, “You belong with ARCSI,”  and we are certainly glad you are here with us!

About the Author.

Erin Lasch is the ARSCI program manager for ISSA. She has worked with ARCSI since 2014 and oversees the residential cleaning programs, services, and events at ISSA. She can be reached at 224-534-5061 or [email protected].