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Address: ZAC du Moulin Lamblin8 Rue de la source, Hallennes-Lez-Haubourdin 59320 France
Phone: +33-3-21-02-97-06
Fax: 33-9-72-11-80-19


Nils Riancho

Marianne Arienzale-Prévost

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In a world where people have a growing desire to make conscientious consumption choices, DECITEX conceives, manufactures, and educates people on durable solutions that exceed the most demanding professional standard for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces with innovative microfiber mops and cloths.
By personally engaging with our customers, we are offering people a thoughtful, lucid way to consume, which fully embraces the challenges related to people’s health and the preservation of our existing and future natural resources.
DECITEX - Smart textiles is an approved supplier to the NHS Supply Chain and since 2019, the company has been awarded the Nordic ecolabel Swan for 17 products of its microfiber products range. This accreditation award represents one more step in the company’s mission for success in responsible production and accountability, ever more respectful of the environment. All products manufactured by Decitex are designed to be smart, more sustainable, efficient and above all innovative in their market sector applications.
DECITEX - Smart textiles, invites people to pay attention to their consumption of water and chemicals and to aspire to live a healthier and more harmonious life where sustainability is key.

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