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Sudoc LLC
Address: 94 Landfill Rd, Edinburg, VA 22824 United States


Olga DeMetri

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Sudoc is an innovative chemical industry startup developing a sustainable but powerful chemistry that can outperform toxic chemicals in many applications. NewTAML®️ molecules were invented at Carnegie Mellon University Institute for Green Science by Dr. Terry Collins and his teams based on a process of mimicking how enzymes work in the human liver. These NewTAML®️ molecules represent a new class of catalysts that make commonly available oxidants, such as hydrogen peroxide, exponentially more reactive and effective. Sudoc’s first brand, Dot – Dilute Oxidation Technology™ -- uses this chemistry to address a series of difficult cleaning problems beginning with mold stains. Sudoc’s second brand NEAT™ – a New Environmental Approach to Treatment – is using this chemistry to treat water contaminants. Sudoc’s mission is to outperform toxic chemicals to remove them from our planet. Led by a world-class team, Sudoc is a business founded on the principle of doing well by doing good. To learn more, visit:

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