ACI Releases Latest Cleaning Survey

July 23, 2018

The area in U.S. homes cleaned most often is the toilet, with 88 percent of respondents to the American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI) 2018 National Cleaning Survey giving this answer.

ACI’s survey found that floors were the areas cleaned second most often (80 percent) followed by appliances (75 percent), faucets (70 percent) and carpets (62 percent).

Overall, 46 percent of survey respondents said that bathrooms were the rooms they deep cleaned most often, followed by kitchens (36 percent), living rooms (10 percent) and bedrooms (7 percent). Not surprisingly, most respondents (52 percent) said among all cleaning chores they dreaded cleaning their bathroom the most, while 23 percent said they most dreaded cleaning the kitchen, and 21 percent said they most dreaded dusting.