Clorox Hits Record in Wipes Production as Demand Soars

August 11, 2020

Store shelves may still look bare to consumers, but Linda Rendle, president and CEO-elect of The Clorox Co., parent company of Clorox Professional Products Co., said the company is manufacturing more disinfectant wipes than ever before to keep up with increased demand during the pandemic.

Clorox says demand for its disinfectant wipes is up 500%, but the good news is the company is producing wipes and shipping them to stores in record numbers.

“In terms of wipes, we are making more disinfecting products than we ever have before,” Rendle said in an ABC news exclusive on Monday. “Since January, we were able to make 100 million more disinfecting products than we did before. That’s a 50% increase. And specific to wipes, we are making nearly 1 million packages of wipes every single day and shipping them to stores.”

Rendle thanked consumers for their patience acknowledging that wipes in particular have been hard to find, but mentioned how other in-stock products like Clorox bleach could be used to disinfect household surfaces and pointed to the company’s website for information on how to use other products.

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