CMI and Bermuda Team Up to Host Unique Training Event

April 17, 2019 CMI and Bermuda Team Up to Host Unique Training Event

ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) frequently crosses international borders to offer various training opportunities to those seeking certification.

But—once in a while—those trips abroad end up being something special.

Marion Ivey, CMI’s Trainer of the Decade, and Brant Insero, ISSA’s director of education, recently presented a four-day intensive workshop for individuals in Bermuda.

“The exciting thing with this event is that the Bermudian government was proactive in helping its people,” Insero said, “because cleaning professionals that are certified are more employable to local companies.”

The Bermuda Department of Workforce Development arranged to bring in the CMI team and then invited a dozen individuals on this British island territory to attend the workshop. Those that attended had the basic skills necessary to develop and enhance them through certification.

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CMI training in BermudaMarion Ivey instructs attendees on usage of cleaning solutions.