Coronavirus Government Response Update—Latest Advocacy Webinar Recording Now Available

June 25, 2020 Coronavirus Government Response Update—Latest Advocacy Webinar Recording Now Available

Welcome to the Coronavirus Government Response Update. This information is intended to keep ISSA members up to date on fast-moving government affairs related to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other public policy issues important to the cleaning industry. Today’s update touches on the newest ISSA advocacy webinar recording, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of U.S. President Donald Trump over a speedy deportation case, U.S. Federal Reserve aid falling short of what it planned in March, and more.

Latest ISSA Advocacy Webinar Recording Now Available
If you missed today’s ISSA Advocacy webinar, What Your Business Needs to Know with Special Guest Representative Darin LaHood, fear not! ISSA members can view the recording for free to learn about the status of the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act, a new federal stimulus package being considered by Congress, the latest regulations pertaining to cleaning products, and more.

Supreme Court Delivers Win for Trump in Case Over Speedy Deportation
Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of President Trump in a case over a federal law that “substantially limits the role that courts can play in reviewing deportation decisions in certain cases under a streamlined process known as “expedited removal,” according to CNBC.

The Fed Said it Could Supply $2.3 Million to the Economy, But Has Yet to Come Close
In March, the Federal Reserve unveiled lending programs it said could provide US$2.3 trillion to the economy. So far, its lending chalks up to $143 billion, or just 6.2% of that total. There are several likely reasons for this, according to CNBC. One is that the programs are complicated and have proven difficult to launch. Moreover, as the U.S. economy is recovering faster than expected, there are fewer firms short of cash as there were in March and April, so the terms are less attractive to them, so they put downward pressure on demand. However, while the Main Street initiative faces some logistical challenges and has not yet made a loan, the program is seeing robust demand from businesses.

States Grapple with How to Respond as Coronavirus Cases Surge
As coronavirus hot spots intensify in parts of the country, leaders face the tough decisions on whether to proceed with reopening plans or adopt stricter measures to slow the virus’ spread. Whether state and local leaders decide to “tap the brakes” on reopening is “a policy decision. The data are clear,” said David Larsen, an epidemiologist at Syracuse University.

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