GOJO Partners With Three Rivers Energy to Increase Sanitizer Production

June 29, 2021 GOJO Partners With Three Rivers Energy to Increase Sanitizer Production

GOJO Industries has entered into a sourcing partnership with Three Rivers Energy.

Per the terms of the agreement, GOJO will assist Three Rivers Energy with upgrading its Coshocton, Ohio, facility to produce USP-grade ethanol from Ohio corn. Once the expansion project is completed in 2022, GOJO will use the ethanol as a local source to manufacture its PURELL® hand sanitizer, surface spray, and wipes products, allowing the company to meet its current demand as well as securing reserves for any emergency scale-ups in production.

“To ensure we can meet demand for our trusted PURELL products, no matter what, we have removed constraints that limited production during the early days of the pandemic, such as access to bottles, pumps, and now, high quality ethanol,” said Carey Jaros, GOJO president and CEO. “Our partnership with Three Rivers Energy will not only have a positive impact on Ohio corn farmers, but it is good for public health—ensuring that even during major surges in demand, hospitals, businesses, and consumers will have sufficient supply of PURELL products and won’t have to settle for the unsafe, ineffective, or unpleasant alternatives that flooded the market this past year.”

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