GOJO Study Finds Monitoring Increases Hand Hygiene Compliance

September 9, 2022 GOJO Study Finds Monitoring Increases Hand Hygiene Compliance

A recent GOJO Industries study found health care facilities that actively partnered with an automated hand hygiene monitoring system (AHHMS) vendor achieved a 76% increase in hand hygiene compliance.

In compiling the study, which was published in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (ICHE), GOJO researchers examined data from 243 million hand hygiene opportunities over 58 units within 10 hospitals across North America. The report found statistically significant improvements in hand hygiene performance in facilities that used AHHMS in combination with clinician-based vendor support and hospital-led unit-based initiatives.

“The use of AHHMS has been growing over the past decade as hospitals increasingly recognize it as a valuable tool in the fight to improve health care worker hand hygiene,” said Lori Moore, co-author of the study and GOJO clinical educator. “It’s been shown to provide substantially more quantitative data than direct observations and without observer bias. It provides a real-time view for infection control staff to see how well their hand hygiene performance improvement strategies are working–and if they aren’t, they can quickly adjust course.”

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