GP PRO Survey Reveals Insights Into Restroom Behaviors

April 30, 2024 GP PRO Survey Reveals Insights Into Restroom Behaviors

A recent survey by GP PRO on public restroom behavior found more than 90% of respondents have observed others using their mobile phone while in a restroom.

In conducting the study, GP PRO queried more than 500 U.S. adults on behaviors they’ve witnessed in the last six months in high-traffic restrooms, such as those in airports, stadiums, and movie theaters. One constant the survey found was the use of cell phones, with 84% of respondents witnessing voice calls in a public restroom, 27% observing video calls, and 19% seeing photos being taken. Well over one-third of respondents found it “disgusting” when others conduct a video call or take a picture in a public restroom.

In addition to phone use, GP PRO’s survey also found a surprising amount of consumers enjoying food or beverages in the restroom. Thirty-eight percent of respondents have witnessed others actively eating and 48% actively drinking in a public restroom; and 15% and 18%, respectively, admit to these behaviors themselves. Nearly two-thirds of respondents rated such behavior as “disgusting.”

“The debate used to be which way to hang your toilet paper, but times have certainly changed, and perhaps not in a way that would make grandma proud,” said Ronnie Phillips, Ph.D., GP PRO senior director of innovation. “All joking aside, as a leader in restroom hygiene and innovation, it’s important that GP PRO be aware of behaviors that might make the work of maintainers more challenging. While we can’t keep a cell phone from clogging a toilet or a sticky soda from falling to the floor, we can ensure our dispensing products are as durable and hassle-free as possible, so maintainers have time to address these consumer behavior-related issues and keep public restrooms clean and in working order.”

Access the complete GP PRO survey here.

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