Green Seal Launches Ingredient Communication Program

September 19, 2019

Green Seal® has launched an ingredient communication program to help cleaning product companies meet California’s new disclosure requirements that take effect in January.

The state law on cleaning product ingredient disclosure includes requirements that specify detailed information about product chemicals and that apply beyond active ingredients to include certain byproducts and impurities, among other measures.

Whether or not a product is Green Seal-certified, the organization’s new Formula Facts™ program is intended to help companies create clear and accurate online and on product ingredient labels.

Manufacturers or private labelers can provide their formulas and Green Seal will work with raw material suppliers to obtain permission to share required information; collaborate with the companies to determine allowable confidentiality claims; provide fully designed online ingredient labels that companies can display on their websites; and automatically update labels to reflect changes in designated chemicals lists, raw materials, or the product formula.

Green Seal says the format is designed to be adaptable should new reporting requirements take effect in other states such as New York.

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