ICMMA Appoints New Secretariat

December 11, 2019

ISSA is pleased to announce that additional expertise has been sourced for the UK Industrial Cleaning Machine Manufacturers Association (ICMMA) in order to progress the member’s objectives and create further value.

ISSA looks forward to working with Andrew Dunning, who will provide secretariat support from now on, succeeding Rob Shaw and Rachel Eastop.

Dunning is a longtime employee of Numatic International Ltd. and has more than 20 years of experience in the British cleaning industry. From the very beginning, Dunning has been a great supporter of ICMMA, most recently serving as the ICMMA representative for the British Cleaning Council (BCC). Through his expertise, commitment, and integrity, Dunning has helped to build a solid foundation for ICMMA.

“We are convinced that Andrew will tackle this new responsibility with the same passion and dedication he has displayed in the past. ISSA is truly happy that Andrew has decided to join our team,” stated Regina Henrich, ISSA´s European Manager.

“Especially within the dynamics of Brexit, I am very much looking forward to take over the position of the ICMMA secretariat, working with familiar and loyal members and inviting new ones to represent and integrate ICMMA’s members’ interests in collaboration with the wider cleaning industry,” said Dunning.

The change in secretariat was announced to the ICMMA members personally. Speaking about the appointment Dianna Steinbach, ISSA’s vice president of international services, stated “Andrew’s skill set, cleaning industry knowledge, and long-standing relationships makes him a great champion to this group. Andrew will safeguard ICMMA’s members´ interests and help develop stronger value.”