ISS Takes Action to Cut Food Waste

September 8, 2021 ISS Takes Action to Cut Food Waste

ISS announced a new initiative to reduce all food waste by 50% during the next three years at all U.S. facilities where the company provides food management services.

To meet its ambitious goals, ISS has partnered with artificial intelligence and kitchen technology developer Winnow. ISS will install Winnow’s hardware and software in more than 200 kitchens across the country. Winnow’s technology will provide ISS with food waste data, allowing the company to make more intelligent inventory decisions. ISS piloted a similar program from Winnow in its European and Australian facilities and saved more than 38 tons of food in one year.

“We see this program as beneficial not only to our clients and employees but also to our shared communities and the environment,” said Paul Fairhead, CEO of ISS Guckenheimer, the company’s food services division. “We are committed to using leading-edge technology solutions to generate real world value—which in this case has culminated in a more efficient, environmentally sustainable approach to food management.”

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