ISSA Hosts Inaugural Oceania Council Meeting

February 21, 2017 ISSA Hosts Inaugural Oceania Council Meeting

ISSA hosted the first-ever meeting of its Oceania Council earlier this month in Sydney, Australia.

Senior cleaning industry executives and key ISSA staffers met for a packed program that was geared towards networking and learning more about each other.

The meeting was led by Dianna Steinbach, ISSA Director of EMEA and Oceania Services, and Kim Taranto, ISSA Oceania Manager. The eight newly elected members of the ISSA Oceania Council were also in attendance.

Steinbach outlined ISSA’s strengths, providing key benefits to its more than 7,000 members composed of cleaning industry manufacturers, distributors, facility service providers, and other associated professionals. “ISSA represents its industry, facilitates commerce, improves public health and hygiene, and increases professionalism in the industry. It is able to offer relevant and timely resources to its member base,” she said.

Council members were also brought up to date with the latest global and regional ISSA developments, including the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo 2017, which takes place May 9-10, in Melbourne, Australia.

“I was pleased to attend the very first ISSA Oceania Advisory Council meeting and am impressed with the great excitement and feeling that came out of that meeting. I have been part of the negotiations to bring ISSA to our shores for nearly two years, and finally to be part of its launch is very exciting. We are now officially part of a global association that specializes in the development and promotion of the cleaning and hygiene industry and improving its standards all over the world,” said Stuart Nicol, ISSA Oceania Council Chairman.

The next meeting of the ISSA Oceania Council will take place immediately following the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo 2017, at which point the members will discuss future endeavors.