ISSA-Led Coalition Calls for Healthy Workplace Tax Credit in Stimulus Package

August 7, 2020 ISSA-Led Coalition Calls for Healthy Workplace Tax Credit in Stimulus Package

An ISSA-led coalition of nearly 40 groups representing millions of employees and many millions more customers urged U.S. Congress and the Trump Administration to include a “healthy workplace” tax credit in the next federal stimulus package to protect the safety of workers, customers, and the public. Such a tax credit should be targeted, temporary, and available to business entities and nonprofits, according to the coalition.

In a letter to congressional leaders, as well as a letter to U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, the groups stated that there is “already bipartisan and bicameral support to create such a tax credit. A ‘safe and healthy workplace tax credit’ is part of Senate Republicans’ Health, Economic Assistance, Liability Protection, and Schools Act (HEALS Act) and similar bills have been introduced by Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate. These proposals recognize the enormous unexpected costs of creating and maintaining healthy spaces for workers and customers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The signatories requested that members of Congress and the administration consider the following updated recommendations as they “evaluate and hopefully include a reopening tax credit in the next stimulus bill.”

According to the coalition, qualified expenses should include:

  1. Cleaning and workplace safety-related costs, including cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing-related products; equipment; delivery/dispensing devices and systems; and technology platforms or services related to preventing the spread of COVID–19
  2. Training, consulting, standards, certifications, auditing/quality control, monitoring, and guidelines or other similar information related to COVID–19
  3. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  4. Technology used for limiting or tracing and tracking physical contact between customers and employees nationwide and improving workplace safety and hygiene
  5. Other expenditures associated with maintaining a healthy physical workplace such as reconfigurations, including those necessary to comply with federal, state, and local guidelines, as well as industry best practices.

“The entire cleaning industry, from manufacturers of cleaning and disinfecting products to frontline cleaning staff, have been and will continue to be vital in helping to create a safe and healthy workplace,” said ISSA Board President Ken Bodie, who also is president and CEO of Kelsan Inc. “This tax credit is needed to help businesses and nonprofits afford the necessary PPE, training, and cleaning that is critical to helping America get through this crisis.”

“This tax credit would help offset the unexpected costs related to maintaining a healthy workplace,” stated Tom Friedl, chair of ISSA’s Government Affairs Advisory Committee. Friedl is also the current president and CEO of HOSPECO. “The credit is critical to the safety of Americans as workplaces reopen and employees return to their jobs. Now is the time for the cleaning industry to make itself heard and help change the way the world views cleaning.”

“These are important tax credits that businesses both large and small can use to clean and disinfect their buildings to provide a safer environment giving all their occupants a much greater sense of peace of mind and keeping everyone safe and well,” said Tim Murch, CEO and chairman of 4M Building Solutions.

Please take a moment to email or call your elected officials using ISSA’s Action Center and request their support for this tax credit as part of the next federal stimulus package.

ISSA is working diligently to support the full spectrum of the cleaning industry in the U.S. and worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing a variety of government affairs resources. Please contact your elected officials and support the ISSA Advocacy Fund in any amount to help us push the healthy workplace tax credit across the finish line to be approved by Congress and signed into law by the President. For questions regarding ISSA advocacy, including the association’s response to COVID-19 and the ISSA Advocacy Fund, please contact John Nothdurft, ISSA Director of Government Affairs.