ISSA Urges Congress to Support Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act

June 1, 2020 ISSA Urges Congress to Support Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act

ISSA, along with associations that together represent millions of employees and many millions more customers, has urged Congress to support the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit. Recently introduced by Representatives Darin LaHood (IL-18-R) and Stephanie Murphy (FL-7-D) in the U.S. House of Representatives, the bipartisan Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act would provide a tax credit to businesses to help ensure they are properly cleaned and disinfected as stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and help prevent further infections.

In a letter to congressional leadership, the associations point out there is significant research demonstrating the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days unless those surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected. As a result, “the combination of properly trained cleaning personnel and utilizing the correct cleaning products is critical in helping prevent the further spread of this virus as businesses reopen. Unfortunately, many businesses lack the expertise, products, or trained personnel to properly disinfect for coronavirus and other viruses.”

The Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit would create a tax credit per business entity to help defray the unforeseen and increased cleaning costs associated with fighting the coronavirus. The credit would be temporary, capped, and used to help offset the costs of cleaning services, cleaning products and sanitary-related equipment, as well as obtaining certification in cleaning. Qualified cleaning expenses also would include personal protective equipment, which are critical to protecting employees and the public.

ISSA estimates the increased cleaning costs associated with the coronavirus will be on average 50% more than they were prior to the outbreak and even more for specialized facilities such as nursing homes, health care facilities, etc.

“We thank Representatives LaHood and Murphy, as well as our association partners for joining ISSA in supporting this commonsense proposal to ensure businesses can provide a safe and sanitary environment for their workers and customers,” said John H. Barrett, ISSA Executive Director. “ISSA looks forward to continuing to work with members of the House and Senate to pass a bipartisan stimulus package that includes the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit to give Americans the confidence and peace of mind to safely get back to work and revitalize our economy.”

“As our tenants and customers come back to work, the No. 1 concern building owners and managers have is their safety and health,” said Henry H. Chamberlain, APR, FASAE, CAE, president and chief operating office of the Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA), a signatory organization on the letter. “This tax credit will help ensure that commercial, industrial and other related facilities have the resources they need to comply with increased cleaning measures, protocols, and equipment even during difficult economic times. BOMA applauds Congressman LaHood and Congresswoman Murphy for their forward thinking and pragmatic view of our reentry process as we bring America back to work.”

“We are grateful to ISSA, Congressman Darin LaHood, and Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy for the introduction of the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act,” said Myra Y. Irizarry Reddy, government affairs director for the Professional Beauty Association, another signatory organization on the letter. “Members of the Professional Beauty Association have a heightened sensitivity to properly disinfecting the salon workspace due to their mandatory educational training. Our licensed beauty professionals are investing heavily in personal protective equipment (PPE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved disinfectants to ensure the safety of their clients. This credit would provide much needed assistance to help our small business owners with the additional unanticipated costs to maintain a clean salon environment amid this COVID-19 pandemic.”

ISSA is working diligently to support the full spectrum of the cleaning industry in the U.S. and the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, including providing a variety of government affairs resources to support our members during this challenging time. For questions regarding ISSA’s advocacy efforts, including the association’s response to COVID-19, please contact [email protected].