ISSA YouTube Channel Hits 500K Viewers

December 13, 2021 ISSA YouTube Channel Hits 500K Viewers

The ISSA Media YouTube channel recently reached a momentous milestone, topping more than 500,000 global views.

Since its inception years ago, the ISSA Media YouTube channel has delivered countless pieces of video content to viewers and subscribers across the globe. Primarily overseen by the ISSA Media team, the ISSA YouTube channel provides everything from in-depth interviews and association updates to health alerts and breaking cleaning industry news. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen ISSA amplify its multimedia output to include such programming as ISSA Alerts, Straight Talk!, GBAC BioTalk, and more.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised—and very pleased—with the response to our ever-expanding library of video content,” said Jeff Cross, ISSA media director. “While we stand by our print publications and websites, newsletters, and other traditional channels for providing content to our members and subscribers, we knew it was time to offer more. Since March of 2020 we have concentrated on providing content in video format and we have been able to respond to emerging news and issues almost instantly with our programs.”

According to Cross, some of the most popular ISSA Media releases of the past few years include:

“The proof is in the data,” Cross added. “When we have a hot topic, and the views grow, we know we have a winner. We’ve seen it many times especially during the pandemic and with the established audience we have, that trend should continue with our future content.”

With an average of two or three new videos a week, ISSA Media continues to expand its YouTube channel programing. Tune in and see the vast variety of playlists for yourself here.