Survey Finds Travelers Have Difficulty Finding Clean Restrooms

August 30, 2018 Survey Finds Travelers Have Difficulty Finding Clean Restrooms

If you dread making restroom stops during road trips you’re not alone. A new Harris poll commissioned by Cintas Corp. found that 56 percent of Americans have difficulty finding a clean restroom while they are traveling.

Among 2,038 adults surveyed, 54 percent said they have refused to use a public restroom because it was too dirty. Women are more particular about restroom cleanliness, with 60 percent reporting they had refused to use a dirty restroom, compared to 49 percent of men. Women aged 45-54 percent were most particular about clean restrooms, with 63 percent declining to use a dirty one. Men aged 35-44 were most concerned about cleanliness, with 58 percent returning to their cars instead of using a dirty restroom.

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