Tradex Acquired by Tradex Holdings

January 9, 2023

Tradex International Inc. and its flagship brand AMIBITEX announced that it has been acquired by Tradex Holdings, a vertically integrated and customer-centric company that operates under parent company HX Pro. The transaction brings Tradex back into the private sector.

“Today is an important day for Tradex and the AMBITEX family of brands as we are excited to welcome the legacy Tradex team to the Tradex Holdings family. Over the past few years, our team has successfully navigated and thrived through several storms—including the supply chain impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic—and we’ve come out stronger and more efficient through all of it,” said Shakil Prasla, president of Tradex Holdings. “This transaction is the next step in our journey, and Tradex Holdings and HX Pro is the right team to usher Tradex and AMBITEX into a new era.”

“This change brings many benefits to Tradex’s customers and partners,” said Evan Lyons, vice president of Business Development of Tradex Holdings. “Our production capacity has significantly increased to meet customers’ needs, and we have invested in modernizing our operations to better serve customers. Specifically, this includes a full data migration to more modern and efficient systems, additional warehousing capacity throughout the United States, and the restoration of Tradex’s longstanding best practices.”

The transition is expected to be completed by February 1, 2023.


About Tradex International

Tradex International, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of disposable gloves and personal protective equipment, primarily under the AMBITEX family of products. With offices around the United States, Tradex serves a variety of industries such as janitorial, sanitation, food service, and office products. For more information, visit