Weekly Product Showcase March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018 Weekly Product Showcase March 23, 2018

Stay up to date on the industry’s newest products and services from these ISSA members.

One Serious Scrubber
Tennant Co.’s
new T600 Walk-Behind Scrubber features a host of productivity-boosting features. This scrubber is built to last with a corrosion-resistant scrub deck and rust-proof polyethylene body and tanks. It comes with a wide range of cleaning heads in various shapes including disk, cylindrical, and orbital. For more information, visit

Maintain Your Drains
The Trapper Drain and Odor Control Dispenser from DEMA Engineering Co. features an easy-to-program digital interface, quick-change squeeze tubes, and a fast-mounting installation plate. Housed in a splash-proof enclosure, the Trapper has a modern look that protects its water-resistant components. For more information, visit

Wave a Magic Wand
ProTeam, Inc.’s High Dusting Kit features a selection of wands and attachments to make high surfaces easily accessible without a ladder. The kit includes a straight friction fit wand that give cleaners an additional 10 to 12 feet of reach and a curved wand with 45- and 135-degree bends to dust lockers, shelving, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. For more information, visit

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