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New! Consumable Product Cost & Usage Calculator

ISSA Consumable Product Cost and Usage Calculator helps you effectively anticipate inventory quantities and costs associated with purchasing consumables items such as toilet tissue, hand towels, hand soap, and trash liners. All ISSA members can access this tool for FREE by logging into myISSA.

Consumable Calculator




  1. Select the type of building that will be using the consumables.
  2. Enter the building population.
  3. Enter in requested case size and packaging size for consumable items used in the facility. Amount per case will automatically calculate.
  4. Check off the items you need.
  5. Enter the price you are purchasing the items.
  6. Yearly case usage and yearly price will automatically calculate and the pie graph will adjust accordingly.
  7. Print as required.

Use this tool to analyze how many consumables you will need in a facility and then factor the anticipated spend into your budget.

You can also use this tool when buying or selling consumables to share with your end users their estimated yearly investment.