California Safer Consumer Products Program

California developed a regulatory system to reduce public exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer, institutional and commercial products, which are a major source of public exposure. It became effective October 1, 2013.

The California Safer Consumer Products Program (SCP) is a Green Chemistry Initiative which aims to reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products by promoting the development and introduction of safer consumer products that are “benign by design,” and in turn, increase safety and protect public and environmental health. Despite its name, SCP covers commercial and institutional cleaning products.

Who is Subject to this Regulatory Program?
Primarily manufacturers, but also formulators (“assemblers”), distributors, and sellers of identified Priority Products in California.

Manufacturer: any entity that manufactures a product subject to the Safer Consumer Products Program or that controls the manufacturing process, or specifies chemicals to be included in the product.

U.S. importer: distributes a product into California

“Assemblers:” formulator of products using listed chemicals of concern and other chemicals not listed.

Retailers: sell product within California

Potential Impacts of SCP for ISSA members:

  • Cleaning products in general will be a focus of the SCP primarily because of the concerns over human exposure and environmental health.
  • It is anticipated that cleaning products with NPEs and 1,4-dioxane will be listed as official Priority Products, triggering the need to conduct an alternative analysis by manufacturers, and ultimately leading to state regulatory action regarding such products.

As a member, you can learn more about the California Consumer Products Program by reviewing our summary of the program here.